What is Three Nine Cosmetics?

Traditionally, products with beauty ingredients as their primary component in a water base are categorized as cosmetics. However, our innovative technology takes a different path by replacing water with fermented placenta. This fermentation and maturation process significantly boosts the levels of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins compared to conventional placenta extracts. This not only enhances absorption but also creates components that synergize better with the skin.

Instead of simply labeling products with beauty ingredients dissolved in water as cosmetics, we’ve pioneered a technique that incorporates beauty ingredients crafted to replace water. This approach harnesses the potential of these ingredients to maximize your skin’s benefits.

“THREE NINE COSMETICS” is formulated with authentic beauty ingredients, constituting 99.9% of its composition.
Backed by cutting-edge Japanese technology and an unwavering commitment to trust and safety, we present products that withstand rigorous scrutiny.


Pearl-infused booster that changes the conventional perception of toners by transforming them into a gel formula.


An anti-aging serum infused with royal jelly that generates a warming sensation upon application.


A serum with 24K gold, specially designed for whitening.



Our Three Promises to Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Trust.


We take responsibility for every step, from ingredient selection, development, manufacturing, packaging, all the way to reaching your hands.


We ensure your trust by thoroughly selecting all the ingredients for our products and confirming and disclosing all relevant information.

Sensory Experience

We promise to develop and explore unprecedented user experiences and ingredient combinations.